Temples, Teeth, and Thanksgiving

Things seem to be progressing quite nicely here. My husband is tearing his hair out and coming home hungry and cranky from frustrating and stressful days at work. His company is getting software ready to release and the bosses are changing things last minute that cannot be done, hence his new bald spots. Don't worry, his hair and good humor magically return once he's been fed and hugged. My current class is on business insurance and mostly revolves around a lot of memorizing definitions and lingo. Important stuff to know, yes, but dull. I'm actually typing this up as a reward for completing a paper.

Our callings are going well. I led the music for the primary program and the children did wonderfully. I'm really proud of them. I'm also proud of not falling over afterwards--well, I did end up taking a nap that day, but not until well after church. I keep getting asked to do choir right now, which I'd normally love to do, but I won't be present for the Christmas performance. So, I volunteered to sing for the stake the Sunday before Christmas Sunday instead, doing a solo piece. I intend to do "O Holy Night" if no one else has already requested it. If not that, I will be digging through my sheet music. Either way, I need to find a pianist.

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, so my husband and I will soon be fleeing the growing shadows of deepest winter (more than slight exaggeration there) and heading to the warm, glorious, and golden Southern California (no exaggeration there at all) to stay with my Grandma for the holiday. He is anxious about meeting a great deal more of my maternal extended family than he had at the wedding, but I believe he'll be fine. No one can be ill-humored around that much food for long! Besides, after food, those who do not nap play many different board and card games. That side is relatively low key. Not scary at all. (Do not beat my mother and sister at rummy several games in a row just after they teach you how to play. Those two will become irritable. No grudges though...until next Thanksgiving.)

My wisdom teeth extraction is finally healing after an awful dry socket infection in my lower right jaw occurred. I suffered over a week after the operation with it, all unknowing. After a week of packing it with terrible tasting topical antibiotic (seriously, it was vile), and another round of pill-form antibiotics, it seems to have cleared up. I'm getting it checked this week and hopefully I'll get the all-clear. If not, I'm going to have to go for another round of surgery.

My husband and I managed to go to the temple Friday evening. We decided to go to the Draper temple as Mount Timpanogos as closed. We made sure to eat a snack so we wouldn't be starving (dinner was planned after). We had never gone before, so we dutifully looked up directions and then matched said directions with the ones on the church website, then skedaddled to try and make the 7pm session. Yep. We got lost. There is on particular left turn on a dark mountain road. It sneaks up upon you, shadowed by a ridge and lit by no earthly power save a chance glint from the headlights of your car. Yeah, it was that bad. We missed it twice, once in either direction. We made it all the way to the top of the mountain behind the temple, which was a spectacular view, don't get me wrong, but not the view of the temple we were going for. We finally got the turn on our third try. We arrived inside at roughly 6:30pm and got in line right inside the door. We were told the 7pm session was full...and the 8pm was filling fast. We did initiatories instead. ^_^ It was good to be reminded of those blessings. Even packed, the temple was so quiet and peaceful. I love that feeling.


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