Rest of California Visit

I'm gonna dive right in. The last few days after Knott's Berry Farm were much more low-key (save that Friday, but that's a different post). I did homework and lazed about my motel room because my family was at work and/or school, so I mostly knit. I did go to the Orange County Clerk's office and finally obtained our marriage certificate so I can get my name change finalized. I then went to a nearby music store, which has always been my favorite shop in California, since I had time. It's called Mo's Fullerton Music. I actually added sheet music and such to my wishlist because of them. They have musical instruments, sheet music, classes, stationery, memorabilia...just about everything, really.

That Friday I went to Calico Ghost Town with my brother to see Steam Powered Giraffe, my favorite band. I highly recommend them. That day had it's own post, so look at the one before this to read all about it. Saturday was more fun, as my family had it off, so we did a few things and hung out, helped mom get a desk on wheels for her computer and some costume things for my sister. I bought food for my trip home in two days. 

Sunday I went to church with Mom and then went to my friends wedding. I had never seen a ceremony like it! The bride was Wiccan and the groom was Buddhist, so they combined several marriage ceremonies. It was lovely and I enjoyed taking the time with many high school friends, catching up and remembering why I was friends with them in the first place (because they were and are awesome). The next day, bright and early, I bought a dozen doughnuts (the Frozen North has only Krispie Kreme, which is a tragedy) and flew up the highway back home.

The ride was fairly uneventful up until I got on that last leg. My car threw a rod (I learn new phrases every day), and trashed my engine. That was not fun, but I learned that I don't panic in a crisis, so that's good. I totally panic or break down later, but only after the business is done. So, my car is dead and that upset me pretty bad, it being my very first. Thankfully I was in the same state as my husband and only about 45 minutes from home, so he rescued me. We decided to salvage the car and hope that evens out the towing charge. We aren't looking to obtain a replacement car at this time, though. It isn't necessary for us.

So farewell, my car. I'm sorry to see you go.


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