Squash Pushers

My husband's parents have gone on a mission for a year for our church and left their home to be guarded by several of their children. Given when they were leaving, they opted not to plant their usual garden this past spring. Well, the garden had other ideas. It began to spontaneously burst forth and we spent the summer roughly weeding it and collecting it's bounty of franken-squashes.

Our dining room table has looked like this for the entire summer, with a rotating bunch of these. I say franken-squashes because these are various hybrids of pumpkin, zucchini, spaghetti, butternut, and crookneck squashes. It makes dinner interesting. With there being only two of us at home, we've taken to doing whatever we can to get rid of them.

We have become.... The Squash Pushers! Wanna squash?


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