California Visit

Hello everyone!

I've been out of town without my husband for about a week now and it's rough. I'm having fun, but it's less fun without him there. My husband tells me he's been working and doing the carpet cleaning around our home, which is good after the mouse episode. My craft room apparently needed the most work (I'll believe that; crafting can be messy). I've been spinning yarn with a handspindle and then knitting little items for Christmas for everyone. The items (which are secret) knit up fast, so I'm already on number six out of eight or ten; I'm debating on the number of them needed. I've also done some Christmas shopping.

Things are kind of solemn this visit, though, and it's not just missing my husband's presence. My younger sister's cat had to be put down a couple days ago because of a ruptured bladder and she's understandably devastated. I'm hoping she finds my presence in the locale comforting, though I know she prefers to grieve alone. I'm trying to give her the space she needs. We went to Knott's Berry Farm yesterday and did a lot of walking and I did a lot of screaming (hey, the ride is called Supreme Scream for a reason) and now my throat hurts. I told her she could rest at home if she liked, but she chose to come anyway. I hope to do better about giving her space. I picked up some handmade fudge for the hubby.

My brother's birthday was yesterday and he decided to go to a hockey game and hang with his friends, so the day before we took him out to dinner. It's this place called The Melting Pot and they pretty much serve fondue type foods. It was delicious! I highly recommend you all try it if you can, though some (not all!) of the sauces are made with beer or wine, so monitor your preferences if you don't want that. They honestly had the best service I've ever seen and really care about their customers.

Last weekend I stayed with my grandmother and learned a few new sugarless recipes that were tasty. The first wedding was lovely and I'm preparing for the next one this coming weekend. I'm seeing my favorite band today for the first time with my brother, so I'm looking forward to that. That is about it for current events for us!


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