Portland: VooDoo Doughnut

So, back in May, my husband and I visited my father in the Portland, OR area. I took my doll with me, so there are pics of her on my doll blog. I'm going to pic spam a bit, first from our visit to the world famous VooDoo Doughnut.

Sparkly bricks!

The top left is a voodoo doll with a pretzel stick poked into it like a pin and it's full of red fruit filling. The middle top is a severed finger, then the maple bacon (soooo delicious). The other two are various creme fillings.

The top left is a grape donut (yum), then a Captain Crunch one, then a chocolate pentagram cake donut. Middle row left is a caramel and Oreo one, then a Heath crunch one, and another Oreo. The bottom left starts with a pink marshmallow and is bubblegum flavor, Cocoa Puffs chocolate cake donut, and then a chocolate cake M&M one. The severed finger sugar donut makes a return.

I really enjoyed all of these flavors and I wish the Frozen North had more than boring old Krispie Kreme. Ugh.


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