Honeymoon Fun

My brand spanking new husband and I went to Carlsbad, CA for our honeymoon. It was misty and I woke up the day after the wedding sick with a bad cold. My throat was sore and I had developed a cold sore. As I tend to get sick every January and didn't this year, I feel it was simply saving it up until after the wedding day. Most of my pictures from our honeymoon didn't turn out, so this is a synopsis with one picture.

Our first day we relaxed at the resort, went to church on Sunday and then watched movies and otherwise enjoyed being alone with each other. The jacuzzi and pool at the resort are particularly nice. The next day, we went down to a wonderful restaurant in La Jolla, CA for breakfast, then shopped around (we didn't buy anything; too expensive for our tastes).

That Monday evening we went up north and up to Medieval Times! I highly recommend it for entertainment (expect nothing like medieval history; just toss that out the window now). We had fun rooting for the Red Knight, but he ended up coming in second. My only picture is of the copper doors they had to horse arena, and those horses were amazing. Beautiful and well-trained, they did some amazing stunts.

The next day, we loaded our car up and drove all 12 hours back to the Frozen North.


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