Girl's Camp

So this year, while my husband and I were recovering from being sick all the time, I was given a calling in church to my ward's camp director for the young women. With the camp only being two months away, I went into panic mode. At the same time, I went back to school so I could finish my degree in a reasonable time. So not only did I get a time intensive calling (if temporary), I was suddenly without time and faced with classes that required computer and internet access, which the camp would not have.

It all worked out in the end with my classes, but I did nearly stress myself sick. My poor husband was so happy when I came back from camp and wasn't a zombie. So, onto camp!

I roped Rosslyn into illustrating our menu and it was loved by all. Our bishopric loved the caricature at the bottom so much that the bishop now has that part displayed in his office. The camp was certainly stressful, but I got to know all the girls and the other leaders, who are amazing people. We had great fun. I got a sunburn and we did all kinds of things. There were crafts, and cooking, canoeing, and many lessons on different plants, clouds, and other natural features. We did a lot of first aid as well.

The last full day there, we went on a hike up to the top of the mountain and reached the summit at dawn. That's right, you heard me. It does help to hike and not look up or ahead, actually. Then you aren't constantly whinging about how far and hard it is to get to where you're going. I actually enjoyed the aftermath of the hike, not so much while I was up there. We even stopped in a grove and did scripture study. My girls are Amazons, by the way.

On our way home, I saw the results of a famous mud slide about thirty or so years back in the mountainous area. I couldn't get any good shots, but I did get one, so here ya go.


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