Steam Powered Giraffe

So, I am in the middle of preparing for the wedding, stressing out and desperately looking for a new distraction, something to keep me inspired and level. I went to a knitting Christmas party back in December and there some of my knitting friends introduced me to a wonderful experience called Steam Powered Giraffe. To call them a band is to shortchange them entirely. Three days after I watched my first video, I bought all three of their albums off iTunes and put them on my iPod (not getting past my classically poor self yet; I had gift card money I've been sitting on for months and the artists will still get real money).

Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

I truly dove headfirst in the group's work. I read everything and am contemplating becoming an Engineer-eteer for the group, but again, classically poor and about to get married, so my finances will not be just mine to make a decision with.

Honeybee (first video/music I ever heard of them)

Initially, after seeing Honeybee, they weirded me out in the uncanny valley portion of my brain, but I loved their harmonies too much not to keep looking into them. They have become my preferred distraction and inspired me to really consider getting my music degree eventually (I left one largely worked on, just need to go back and finish) and learning to play instruments, which I never have. I learned very basic piano, but never got past beginning. I want to learn piano and violin now. I also feel the desire to return to voice lessons and improve vocally. Being a choir director at church has helped, but sometimes more focused attention is needed.

Brass Goggles

So, I am now leaving you with one more song, the second song to convince me that I loved this group a lot (Brass Goggles was the first). I needed harmonies. They remind me of ELO, Styx, and barbershop quartets and all the best stuff from the music of my childhood, but totally new and theatrical, growing and changing. And they're freaking singing, pantomiming robots!! How cool is that! Give them some love!

Steamboat Shenanigans

(I love the word "Shenanigans"--back in my LARPing days, we used to call "Shenanigans!" instead of B***s*** at people. I still use it in that context today.)


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