Christmas 2012 Visit

My fiance and I both came down to visit my family in California. We braved the airports at the height of Christmas traffic. I think my sister and mother got the worst of it when they were trying to drive in to pick us up. Even after our flight was delayed 3 times, we had to wait a half hour before they even got into the airport loop. LAX sucks during the holidays. Any airport in SoCal but that...

We had a good weekend and showed my fiance our traditions. His family has the big party for Christmas Eve, a big dinner and the next morning they open all presents and stockings. My family opens one present Christmas Eve, arbitrarily chosen (we almost always let my brother go first), unless we go pickle hunting. Pickle hunting is where you get a pickle ornament, the greener the better, and hide it in the tree. Whomever finds it first gets to open presents first.

In the morning, we all picked Andrew up and opened presents at my mom's place. We slept in quite a bit, so we were late to our good friends' breakfast and white elephant gift exchange. Later we did a dinner at another friends' place. Everything was delicious. I had a really wonderful time.


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