School Withdrawal and Computer Issues

A major factor in my ability to communicate has been put down as a roadblock. After I got back from my vacation with my boyfriend--now fiance--I've been attending school still. The current schedule keeps me busy from 9 am to 10 pm every day. I can't attend school and plan the wedding, so I'm withdrawing at the end of the module. This does mean, however, that I must return the school-issued laptop and pull out Zoro, my clunker. Zoro is roughly 8-9 years old and been in storage for well over a year.

My fiance gave me one of his loose hard drives, so I saved my laptop files to that. It's strange to think my life on a computer can be summed up in a megabyte or two. Maybe I should do more artwork.

Currently, he seems to run fine...until I want to get on the internet. Then all heck breaks loose and the poor computer slows down. He won't stream anything and can't even handle a 3-4 minute youtube video. This makes me sad. I know it's the internet though, because I can play a movie offline with ease and perfection. Don't worry, I will be returning to school after the wedding. I've worked too hard to get to where I am to not keep going for my degree.


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