Potter Party

My friends and I decided to throw a Halloween Party. The theme was Harry Potter!

Our resident potion-maker.

Annnd here are the potions by Camilla!

Chocolate frogs made by Rosslyn, bubbles, and glow sticks (spare wands).

Cauldron full of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! (No, not really.)

Dinner-in-a-pumpkin by the Turners! One of my favorites.

Handmade sugar quills by Rosslyn.

Additional flavors for the potions by Camilla.

Another shot, because it's awesome.

Cauldron cakes, made by Me! They have edible gold stars on them.

For some reason, Bellatrix came...

 Our knight. He didn't really save us.

My Ravenclaw fiance, ready to play.

Luna Lovegood!

Random Gryffindor...

Married to Bellatrix?? Oh my...

Slytherin photo op.

Male Gryffindor photo op!

Ravenclaws be thinkin... It's important.

Bellatrix's true House. Bwahahahaha!



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