Sunny CA Trip with my Boyfriend Part 2: Beach

It came to my attention before our trip, that my boyfriend had never been to the ocean. Never been in the salt water. This being a travesty a born Californian like myself could never stand, I took him to the beach.

Corona Del Mar to be precise.

I chose that beach because it's beautiful and calm.

He ran everywhere looking at barnacles and trying not to cut his feet on the rocks.

I had stupidly forgotten my swimsuit, so I couldn't go in the water very far.


We made a drip castle. This is shortly before it died.

Proof he went out in the water! Not very deep, but in nonetheless.

On our way home we stopped by the Newport Beach Temple.

It's where my mother received her endowment.

It's also this lovely rose gold color--it truly shines at dusk and dawn. We caught it at dusk.

The front doors. Holiness to the Lord.

We felt underdressed to be on the grounds, but we are usually going to a temple to go inside and do work.

Hey look, it's me and my cold sore is invisible. Good camera.

Truly a magnificent building.


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