Sunny CA Trip With my Boyfriend Part 1: Disneyland

So the week following GWW, I had a cold sore and a lovely vacation. My boyfriend was finally meeting my family and my brother was being installed as the Master Councillor in his DeMolay chapter. We arrived on Monday and basically crashed. But Tuesday....

(By the way, this is Sleeping Beauty's Castle, not Cinderella's Castle. Inside the castle is a lovely diorama of Sleeping Beauty's story, as proof, and outside it are mosaics and her and Prince Phillip's dancing statuette. Get it right, tourists. :D)

Upon entering Downtown Disney, I saw the Lego store had a new display up.

I had to stop.

Because it was freaking Dragon!Maleficent and Prince Phillip duking it out on the roof! My favorite movie! Oh look, a wild boyfriend appears in the bottom right corner...

My gorgeous little sister outside the Haunted Mansion, which is all decked out for the holidays!

My boyfriend and I before the Walt Disney and Mickey statue. He got a first time button (that's right, he'd never been before) and then they gave me one for fun. Yes, I am rocking a Captain America shirt. He's the best Avenger, period. My boyfriend prefers Iron Man. At least we don't fight over Avenger memorabilia.

They had some funny pumpkins in the Frontier Land. Pinocchio included.

I kinda liked the Mike Wazowski one, though.

The boyfriend after the Jungle Cruise. I had to laugh. He might claim it was the sun in his eyes, but no. It was the corny jokes.

Mary Poppins and Bert. Very sweet.

Darth Maul was taking pictures outside the Star Wars store by Star Tours. It was fun watching him. He would poke people in the back during photos to try and ruin the pictures and otherwise get to be antagonistic to everyone. Made me laugh, though!

Overall, it was a fun, lovely day. More photo spam below:

Haunted Mansion.

See, lovely painting/mosiac on the castle...

And the other one. Mwahahaha!

Main Street in it's autumnal glory.

Inside the Tower of Terror at California Adventure Park.

A statue in the Tower of Terror's Garden. I loved the ambiance this ride has, so I photographed it a lot.

Inside the lobby.

Still inside the lobby.

 Yep, you guessed it. In the lobby.

My mother, me, and my sister in the back right row. Having a blast, oh yeah.


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