Great Western War 2012

 We went to Great Western War 2012 this year! It was somewhat fun; health issues played havoc on me and Rosslyn. Plus side, my boyfriend came with us, even bought an A-frame tent! The trip was difficult at first; we were caravaning with two other cars and had to make frequent stops because the roof-mounted items needed adjusting or bathroom breaks, etc. We didn't arrive until near midnight and slept outside under the stars. By that point we were all too exhausted to set up camp.

One of our campmates had a dog and he scared me awake snuffling at my hair. We all got up and set up camp, then Rosslyn was hit by a huge allergy attack. At the time, the campsite was having a plumbing issue and had to turn off the water to fix it--the other option was cancelling GWW entirely.
 So all the lovely green grass had dried up and created a perfect storm for Rosslyn's grass allergy to break her in two. You can see it above--this is usually beautiful and green. We ended up taking her to a hotel so she could breathe in a controlled environment.
The night we took Rosslyn to the hotel was a game and feast night. The food was wonderful, but the bratwurst seemed to affect me badly. I had bad indigestion all the next day and ended up having to go to the hotel with Rosslyn. So GWW wasn't as fun for our group as usual.
There was a second game night I missed. It seems my boyfriend cleaned house and was nicknamed Loki. He apparently kept winning game after game.
 It's not really hard to win sometimes though when others get tipsy and we don't drink.
I wish I had spent more time there, but it was still a fun adventure.


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