Steamfest Salt City

I went to the local steampunk convention awhile back with my boyfriend and our friend Josiah. We had fun and I took a lot of pictures. It gave me ideas that could use some more time to come to fruition, as well.

We had some steampunk Dr. Who fans and lots of sonic screwdrivers hiding in plain sight.

This lovely lady is a very good corset maker, to be found here.

Some of these photos came out less than clear, but great for atmosphere, like this one.

I like this lady's outfit, and she was standing beside a table full of refurbished items made into steampunk style lamps and ray guns and other things. So very very cool.

Wing time!

These actually open up to a 13 foot wing span.

Oh the costumes...and props.

So we have female, steampunk Wolverine and Robin.

I liked how she did her spats. Velcro makes things easier, and easier to fit. I have rather large calves and fitting things over and/or around them is a bit difficult.

 He had a cool mechanic outfit thing going.

She had arguably the coolest outfit there. She was marshaling the nerf war on some of the instances. I took lots of pics, but they didn't come out.

This car belonged to the guy who made the steampunk lamps and other items. Oh gosh, it was cool in person.


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