Dreaming Big

What Would You Do If Set For Life? Or, In Other Words, Bucket List!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and wish for things that I don't have, and am ungrateful for what I do. But, after making a list of what I would do with the kind of funds that would set me up for life, I realized that these were things I could still accomplish, but earn them, not wish for them to be handed to me. So, I've turned these things into a kind of bucket list for myself, a list of long-term goals. I am leaving a few things off, as the point of them was anonymity.

-Pay off all my debts.
-Accelerate my education and get my degree faster (this is unlikely without a better job than even my current one coming through).
-Spend time with family and friends (more of it).
-Start my own business(es).
-Either stop working 9-5 and focus on my education, or change to a more fun 9-5. I would like a job I don't dread to show up for someday.
-Go for a master's degree in business.
-Go for a music degree and perhaps someday be good enough to join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
-Travel to various places I've always wanted to visit.
-Spend more time in the temple as a temple-worker.
-Take voice lessons again.
-Take true art classes.
-Fix up my car (if there are problems) and possibly repaint.
-Eventually, buy a house of my own (really low priority).

This also caused me to look back at my yearly goals made back at the beginning of the year. So, I'm also revisiting that:

Doing a checkup on where I am that may or may not become monthly.

1. Continue to work on paying off debts. The strict Pay off Debts goal last year was a teensy unrealistic for a one year goal.
*Create budget that allows a small savings and debt reduction plan by the end of This Week.
       ~With my new job since last time, I have a decent savings plan and as I grow closer and closer to paying off my car. Once I complete that goal, all that money I'm already setting aside each month will go from my car to school debts.
2. Get healthier: cleaning up my diet and exercising. My sedentary job has ruined the progress I made at the beginning of last year.
       ~Thus far, utter failure. I've been trying to do things I don't actually like doing, which creates a recipe for failure. So I've been re-evaluating what activities I truly enjoy and am working on fitting those in.
3. Take a self-defense and/or dance class (several is good).
*Have first class lined up by the end of February.
       ~I have taken a self-defense class, but it was mostly about awareness (still very important), and less about more than a couple moves to get away.
4. Keep my grades at their current 4.0 level. Stay on the Dean's list.
       ~Officially, I am on the Dean's List and on a plaque in the lobby at school.
5. Work on getting scholarships once a week by March.
       ~Also, utter failure. I am getting some grants, but nothing that is working to reduce the debt by much. I have ideas though, once my car is paid off, to increase my school payments.
6. Go to the temple more often: currently striving for twice a month.
       ~I haven't managed the twice a month thing, but I am calling the temple president to set up an interview and become a temple-worker. I am not sure how I will fit the work in, but I know the Lord will help me in finding one.
7. Be more social.
*Get out more and do activities with my ward and friends more often.
       ~This has grown more successful over time. I see all my friends at least once a week, I go on a date or two a week with my boyfriend, and I'm getting more involved in my ward.
8. Find profitable work that can improve my life, not just allow me to get by.
       ~I have somewhat found a job that does this. The job itself can be fun, but it can also be mind-numbing. However, I get paid well and have some decent benefits, so I don't mind that menial part of it. It is certainly not contributing to my fitness goals, though.


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