Hogle Zoo Part 2

I have the rest of the zoo photos for your delectation and delight. Well, mine, anyway.

Now for.... Tigers! There were four male tigers at this zoo, three in one enclosure and one by himself in the another. He seemed to be an old tiger though, and these other three were doing too much romping to be the same, so my bet was he was moved to be alone and have some peace from their antics.

Here we have one tiger jumping out of the water and pouncing his friend who had been resting in the shade.

He was soon forced to beat a hasty retreat, heh.

But, the playful tiger succeeded in waking up and rousing the other one, who was kind enough to pose so beautifully for me for the next few shots.

And then the two got back down to playing. First the circling...


Then the nosing...

Then pouncing!

The wet tiger is lying in wait again.

And here is the older tiger in his own enclosure, completely sacked out. Every now and again his huge paws would twitch in his sleep. So adorable!

A Pallas' cat, who was just perched there looking over his domain.

Can't remember what these cats were, but they were tiny and listed as extremely dangerous. I think I giggled over that one for about five minutes.

Next we went to a aviary, and I suck at remembering bird names, so enjoy the pretty pictures.

That's a sloth in the hammock, actually.

This bird was such a ham.

Pretty plumage on this jungle fowl.

And a mated pair of black swans.

I hope you all enjoyed the zoo with me!


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