Happy Fourth of July, 2012!

I hope you had a lovely Independence Day!

I know that I did. I slept in until 12:30pm (a ridiculous luxury, I know) and then went up to visit Rosslyn  and her pool. My boyfriend joined us and we swam around, didn't get sunburnt, and had pizza and salads. Yummy...

Man, my throwing arm is sore today.

My boyfriend took me to his sister's house for an Independence Day BBQ. I met even more family than I had previously and they had great food. I brought some pop-its and sparklers that I had bought last year with me (last year I spent the holiday alone, so I didn't bother to light them then). Some kids, a boy and a girl, were running around and began to have a pop-it war. I watched them for a bit, then pulled out my box very discretely and opened a bag. When neither were looking, I threw one at the boy's feet. He jumped and turned around, looking at my boyfriend, not me.

I smiled and whenever neither kid was looking, I would throw one. My year old pack had almost no duds at all, so I somehow was having quite the wonderful time making the kids jump, all the while they believed it was my boyfriend doing it. All retaliations went toward him. All the other adults had been watching me, so there were roughly ten people besides me and my boyfriend just cracking up.

So I played up my game of misdirection some more by handing my boyfriend some, and he actually got to earn back some of those retaliations he had been taking for me. After awhile my misdirection was made known and a proper pop-it war ensued. Eventually, we all ran out, but I found the remains of a skirmish in front of the house when we were setting up for fireworks.

There were a few unpopped ones there in the grass.


So we all began lighting some small fireworks, and the little boy and girl were dancing in a blue smoker. So once they were not looking, I threw all of them at their feet. 


They both jumped two or three feet in the air! My boyfriend high-fived me and then we went to light some fireworks. I had never lit one before. I didn't burn myself and we didn't set anything on fire (no houses, brush, trees, or grass went up, just small (and large), brightly colored explosives. It was a literal blast. I was disappointed in the sparklers; I'm used to the ones in California. Those are colorful, but theses were all white. Still fun, just less color than I am used to. Even the ones I had bought were white. Need to look for colored ones next year.

The house happened to have an antisocial cat. I pride myself on getting purrs out of most cats, so I approached....and he came right over to me. The girls were shocked at his flirtatious behavior. I got a purr out of this cat in thirty seconds and he was beautiful. He looked like a Siamese, calico, and tabby mix, with a Siamese cat texture, all sleek.

We went home and got stuck in traffic from the big fireworks event, so we stayed at Rosslyn's for a little while, then went home separately after traffic had died down.


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