Medieval Zombies

Yesterday was a very fun day for me. I watched the first session of General Conference with my friends Rosslyn and Camilla, and then got ready and left for my local SCA province's Mystery Event: the Mystery of the Walking Dead. There were classes on Norse burial rights, various cultures ideas of the walking dead, even good luck charms. They had good fighting, including some long sword and rapier, and the children were many and adorable. A bit squirrelly, but they had had an Easter egg hunt and all the sugar that implies. There were raffles and a scavenger hunt (which was more about participating in the various things everywhere than it was about finding stuff). Rosslyn, Camilla, and I chose to volunteer in the kitchen for the feast and I had way more fun as a result!

We had pork roast and chicken and purple rice, almond tarts in honey sauce, custard pie, and sugarplums, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes, baked brie and meatballs with a good mustard. Oh it was amazing, and as a helper, I got first dibs at the leftovers. Mwahahahahahaha! I was chosen to announce the first three removes and the chef announced the last remove (dessert) and was applauded. She was amazing. Sooo....yummy. The butter for the berad was even molded into brain shapes! The presentation was just stunning. But, for helping in the kitchen (and buying some cookies), Rosslyn, Camilla, and I received raffle tickets. Camilla had to leave early, but Rosslyn and I both won prizes at the raffle. In fact, I won two.

Behold! My prizes!

I won the homemade chocolate peach lye soap (it mostly smells like soap and lye with something that might be chocolate or peach mixed in), and beeswax blend tapered candles! I only put in for these two prizes and won them both! Rosslyn won a bag of high quality chocolate and was kind enough to give me some. Yummm....

And that was my day with medieval zombies!


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