We Need to Stop Meeting This Way

The law and I, I mean. I got pulled over for my brake lights not working. Running around trying to handle that around my work schedule is not fun.

So far, I'm in my second module of school taking some refreshers on computers and math. It's been awhile, so while I'd rather get out of math asap, I do need the brushing up. I did qualify and receive my laptop, and boy is it nice! Roughly 300 GB and running Windows 7. I'm quite happy with it. Having a mobile computer is rather strange in some ways but I really like being able to type in bed. So far I've ported all of my old computer's files to the laptop and am slowly adding my music (that takes much longer).

My main issue is having an active job and school schedule means I have a practically dead social life. Ah well. I need to do this, and it needs to happen. Hopefully I can get out of the remedial stuff as soon as I can and get onto the good stuff. I got the paperwork to get the hold off my transcripts at BYU and hopefully I can have a decent amount of transfer credits.

Unfortunately, through all this I caught bronchitis this last week, so I had to see the doctor and get a prescription. Ah well. I'll finish getting better soon, I hope.

EDIT: I love the legal system here! It cost me nothing to fix two of the three issues at the courthouse, and the last will only cost me $30! This would have been $300 or more in California! Holy cow!


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