Booboos and New Opportunities

Sometimes one should really pay attention while one is sewing. I stabbed myself with a pin and when I bandaged it so it would stop bleeding, the anesthetic left me a kiss to make it all better.

So a couple weeks ago I applied for the office assistant position at the pizza restaurant I work at. Last week I had my first interview, this past Wednesday I had my second interview with the owner, and then yesterday they called me upstairs to talk. "So, we interviewed a lot of people and we liked you the best." Is that not a promising start to the day (so what if it was noon)? I now have a full-time, benefited position, complete with a monthly meal card (eating for free, oh yeah). I started this morning, working half the day upstairs and the other half downstairs in my old uniform, finishing my shifts for the week. After tomorrow morning, I'm done, and I start Monday with my new 9-5, Monday through Friday position.

It's been my goal for the last several years to get that kind of job, with those hours. I've always wondered if a regular job like that will be best for me and I've always liked the idea of having my evenings off versus having mornings or more days off. And the additional bonus of having a traditional weekend entices me. Saturdays off! Practically always! They seem fairly flexible about doctor's appointments and lunches, so as long as I warn them in advance, I'll be alright. My benefits won't kick in for 90 days, but I think I'll be alright holding out. I get a higher wage with no cap, so I'll just keep advancing...which is very very nice. 

However, I had a major goof today. I locked my keys in my car. So after both shifts, I come out, tired and ready to go home...and see them inside. Oh the irony. I haven't done that in years. I called Rosslyn, but she didn't answer, so I called the boy I've been seeing. He was fortunately available and had a wire coathanger on hand. Between the two of us and a brick (no my windows are fine, it was to straighten the wire), we managed to get my car open with minimal fuss. There were some jokes about those silly crane games in arcades being easier, so I challenged him to get a cheesy, cheap stuffed animal soon.

Next subject: I'm doing well in school. I tested out of my English class (it was second grade level English and I've been reading since I was four--no big there). What gets me was the teacher for that class. She was astonished. Apparently in the last four years only one person had ever tested out. This past class? Two, myself included. The other girl who tested out is as much of a bibliophile as I am and a grammar nazi to boot. Together we created an unprecedented event for the teacher (in her own words). She was funny and I imagine I could have made it through the class with only moderate masterpieces being drawn, but I'm glad I was able to get out. That leaves me with Psychology, which is proving to be very interesting and fun. The professor is outrageous. I love it.


Tara Vrsalovich said…
Yay school! Yay benefits! yay seeing a boyyyy?!!!! lol
adarhysenthe said…
Hahaha, thanks. Starting to get a handle on life now.

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