I've been busy! This week has been craaaaazzzy! I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat and as though I'd had a fever over night and it had broken. It all went away by lunch, but I began to get nervous. Actually, Sunday morning scared me as to my health in a multitude of ways. Let's just say I showered immediately and then did laundry. Being a girl has it's drawbacks. Monday, sore throat and fever feeling again. Once more, it went away by lunch, which is good! I visited two apartment complexes and toured their private rooms. I'll be moving into one of them at the end of the month! After that, I had an appointment at a local college.

It was AMAZING. The courses are laid out precisely the way I want them, they don't have any big classrooms or lecture halls--I have a hard time learning in those, they provide the text books for you, and they help you with financial aid from start to finish (not to mention free tutoring, free retraining, and a laptop that I get to keep if I graduate--which is waaaayyyy down on the list of perks in my estimation). They've already set things up to get my school loans out of default; we're only waiting on approval. They even helped me do my FAFSA! They are rather expensive compared to the university I went to and community colleges, but rather normally priced in comparison to most other schools in the country.

The thing is, my original college won't take me into their nationally renowned Business program unless I get a degree first. My previous track record with them isn't good at all. I have to show I can do it now. I feel that I've already decided to accept the potential debt (EEK) and go for the school (I've yet to give them a solid "yes" but honestly, the money is the ONLY thing holding me back and if I can get a better job through them and the subsequent degree? Gold). Heh, the financial aid guy even told me a few ways I could play the system and help get myself out of debt and take fewer loans over time, if I budget just right.

I filed my taxes to make my schooling and financing go easier and my tax returns shocked me!! They're HUGE! I'm so happy! The smart part of me says put it toward debt! The other part of me says save some of it  for emergencies, and use the rest to catch up on bills, debt, and...maybe buy myself a little present for being so good and to celebrate turning 26. Like CryoBurn by Lois McMaster BuJold. I wants the book, preciousss...

Oh, and I had a sorta-kinda-not-really-almost date on Wednesday. I like him a lot, but I've no intention of jumping the gun. We'll see how things pan out. Did I mention he's cute and geekier than me? Hee! XD

So, my list of goals for the year looks more like this now:

1. Move to the frozen north.
2. Get a job.
3. Get into school and work on degree.
-In progress! Might be checked off by the end of the month!
4. File taxes.
-Check! Filed and sent!
5. Pay bills on time.
-They are paid, but they were late. I did some set up with the appropriate websites though, so I should be able to pay easier and faster now. My work schedule puts me right through normal business and banking hours, so it makes being on time difficult without the internet.
6. Pay off debts.
-Getting one set out of default and into deferment. Might end up working on the other set as I go along instead.
7. Move to better housing.
-In progress and should be complete by the end of the month!

And to top it all off, Monday is my birthday! My Grandma Sugars sent me a card. Warm fuzzies in the mail help. I'm going with a pair of old roommates to Stitch and Witch (my name for it is the PG version) in the evening, but during the day? I might sleep in and laze about, go to my work briefly to get my free dessert for getting older, etc. I don't really know.

Oh yeah, did I mention I did all of the above-mentioned items with a head cold? I now have a cold sore on my lip. Preeeetty... Hate those! I hope it's gone by my birthday.


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