Is the Sense of Accomplishment Addicting?

I would say so. The events of Sunday led into what I did on Monday, but Monday is the more interesting part. I finally had my first real day at work! I'm not used to be surrounded by people of my religion to nearly a 100% rate (it's not a work requirement or anything, it's simply the norm for the area). So, I worked hard, getting used to working hard and being on my feet again and discovering I really need to work on my finger strength. My manager, a tiny 85 lb lady can open certain containers and Sigh. But! The rest of the day is more promising.

On some advice I received the day before (when I was ready to panic from my financial situation, a result of nearly a month of unemployment), I called my car loan people. Would you believe they were actually nice and understanding? And that I'm eligible for an extension on my payment due date? And that it might even wait for not one month, but two? I'm still waiting to hear if it's approved, but ladies and gents, if you're in a bind and had no job for awhile, CALL your loan people! They don't want you to lose your car/house/whatever anymore than you do. I felt so utterly relieved; it was amazing.

Then! I went into the rental office to handle my apartment rent. I set up a payment plan I think I can actually make and walked out beaming. After that, I drove to a credit union and set up a new account (I had to close my previous one, as it was local and I'd be gone for more than a month or three). That was painless as well. I've never considered that I'd be able to handle all these troubles without outside assistance (of which I have only a few sources and all are far away).

That night I met with Rosslyn and we sewed and cut out new medieval gowns for our dolls (see my doll blog for more details--that post is next :) ). It was fun to get crafty again.

I went into work early this morning and was on time and, this time, fed. I had woken up with a bad headache, but it went away while I was at work. It has since returned with a vengeance, but such is the life. I learned even more and began to feel a tad frustrated with my lack of speed, but that will only come with time. My bishop came in for lunch and I was able to tell him about all I had accomplished the day before (it was his advice on what to do that gave me the oomph to do it). It was like having a dad give me proper and helpful advice again. I miss having that with my father.

After work my headache was hinting around the edges, so instead of eating, I fell asleep. Rosslyn woke me up and I went out to help her with her stuff for awhile. We went to some craft stores, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. I bought a piece of candy, but that was all. We ended up back at her house and I finished cutting and almost finished the doll project.

So that was the first few days of my week. I am accomplished. My financial life is tricky, but not a disaster. I hope I can keep up the pace.


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