I Wonder...

I'll just throw this out there now. I know I'm short. I am perfectly aware that my height is below average at 5'2". So I wonder...do I grow in people's minds and memories so much that whenever I see them, the odds are good I'm going to a get a comment such as the following?

"Oh, you're so short and cute!"
"You're so tiny!"
"Look at her little hands!"
"I can't believe how small your feet are!"

Dude, I wear a size 8. My mom used to call them clodhopper feet (keep in mind, my mother wears a 4.5 and is roughly the same height, and therefore, her feet qualify as abnormally small). I'm pretty sure my shoe size is pretty average. My hands however, I will grant the comment. They are not even close to average in size, but they are proportionate to me, so :P

To further complicate matters, my height is not in my legs, but in my torso. My legs make up a mere half of my height, so when I sit, I seem to be much taller, bringing me eye level with much taller friends across a dinner table. I've even tested this. I had a roommate who was 6'1". She thought my height was cute and very funny, too. However, when we sat down, I was less than an inch shorter than she was. Standing, her hips hit my shoulder. All her height was in her legs.

So, I'm bringing forward the idea that I have such force of personality, wit, and charm, that I grow in people's minds and memories while we are apart, and shock them anew when they see me again, as my physical self is not the size they think it should be. I'm also perfectly capable of messing with their heads and wearing heels in the morning and flats at night, changing my height by two to four inches in between and making them wonder.


TV said…
you're silly, I love it. XD And I never forget your height ;p You can't fool me! Bwahahahahaha
adarhysenthe said…
Lol, you are the only exception. ^_~ Heh, thanks though, you made me laugh. :D
Redoubt said…
I second the motion. But I'm just barely taller than you so I don't feel like you're short.

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