Random Saturdays

I solved my photo dilemma. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rosslyn.
Heh, totally solved the problem there. This was probably one of the last photos taken before we both packed up and moved to the frozen north. She was working on her library ceiling (of which I have no pics, as I've never seen it completed), trying to get it all ready for the next occupants. But yes, this is my best friend.

 Second on my random list was this Pizza Hut pasta box. We went to Target, and were terribly hungry, so she got a pizza and I got this. The young man seemed to keep watching me, then get nervous, and then he brought our food over. Now, we were gonna go over there and pick it up, but no, he had to bring it. And lo, I see a heart drawn over my pasta selection. Aha. So yeah, somewhere, a Pizza Hut guy thinks I'm cute. Hee.

And third, proof! Proof! I now know how to tie a full windsor knot. This is my tie for my new job at a sit-down pizza restaurant. The funniest part? My current apron...was made by the last company I worked for. Ahahahahaha!


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