There's a lot of interesting articles floating around the internet lately having to do with minimizing your possessions and/or home, getting by with far less, how to shop for better deals and what one needs to truly be happy. Personally, I don't really shop much. Oh there's tons of things I wouldn't mind owning, but they are hardly "must-haves" and in the end, I'll likely never get them. At the moment, I'm working on purging myself of things I already own that I don't want or need. Besides, since I received my endowment in the temple, I've felt an increased need to get rid of material things that don't uplift me and focus on what's important.

So I intend to sell most of my unwanted things in garage sales or on ebay. The "expensive" things are going out through ebay at a decent/extravagant discount, and the rest I'm just hoping for some pocket change and all that space in my room back. Here's my ebay page if anyone would like to check it out! At the moment I have only two listings up, but after I get off work today I intend to put a lot more up. I'm putting up lots of books and movies I don't read/watch and am fairly sure I never will again. Some I bought without being fully aware of what was inside are also going. I might be taking things to a local used bookstore and getting rid of them there. Normally, I wouldn't mind just donating the lot and taking the tax deduction, but I really need the money right now. It's going to settling things with the CHP.

I also looked up a way to get to work should something happen to my car. I know at least one way of getting to work now by public transportation. I'm glad. It will require my bike and a long bus ride, but I can do and if I make the right bus, I'll always be an hour early. I might have mentioned in my previous post that Rosslyn's family has moved to Utah, so we're watching their dog. The dog is such a sweetie and really helping me get back in shape, which is making my getting to work without my car looking easier and more possible. Keep in mind, there's a huge, two to three mile really steep hill near my house that I'd have to get over by bike or on foot--pushing said bike--to get to the bus station. As part of my New Year's Resolution was to make it up and over this hill and back by the end of the year, I'm all for it. Maybe next year I can save lots of money taking the bus or train instead of spending so much on gas and parking to commute. It's really hurting my pocketbook. I dunno that I'd ever give up my car if I could help it, but I don't mind the idea of letting it sit for longer periods of time.

I think I'm going to spending a lot of time purging items though. Sigh. I want the space, I don't want the stuff, but it's so time consuming. Ah well. I'll feel better once my room is once more cleaned out.


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