Time for an update! My posts seem to be much less frequent. I should attempt to remedy that. I have a lot on my mind lately. It seems almost all my trials and tribulations revolve around my car. Oh I have a parking ticket, oh they still won't send me my tags, oh I'm behind on my payments and they keep calling, oh I got pulled over, oh my car needs this, that and the other replaced, oh oh oh!!

I'm tempted to sell it and have done and walk the 70 miles a day to work! Just ugh! I enjoy my car a great deal. I enjoy having the freedom to pick up and go relatively anywhere, anytime. I would like to take car of it and have it clean and well-maintained and insured and registered. But intentions aren't good enough to do all those things. They take time and money, and don't wait for payday. In fact, if one is without work for a time, they like to make things worse.

But, if I lose my car in some fashion, I lose my job. I cannot afford to let that happen. Closer work would be nice, higher pay would be nicer, as I really do like my job and I really have awesome coworkers. I don't want to find other work when the possibility I have for growth is so great here. I'm already making more than I ever have, and the last few weeks I'm making overtime, too, which has been great in helping me catch up and pay the dumb things.

I swear, if I hear the word "fee" or "payment" again, I'm going to scream.


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