I still haven't started my new job. I still have no idea when I will. I received a blessing assuring me that things will be alright, but the worries and concerns are still present. As much as all this time off has done well for me in some ways, it's not been so good in others. Being stir crazy is not fun. I'm working on a doll sized chaise lounge right now to help defeat the boredom, give me a creative outlet and also have somewhere for my Khorae doll to sit and store her things (it'll have a box under the seat). My dolls have both received new faceups and new clothes, so I figured I'd spam photos instead, so here's some pretties to look at.

This is Khorae with her new faceup, a new outfit removed from an antique store doll that was edited and fitted to her, and then a hat that I made myself. The pic was taken by Rosslyn in an antique store against a plaster wall relief that we were both impressed by. However, the price tag was a bit much.

And now here's Briar, making merry at the little Christmas part Rosslyn and I posed our dolls for and played with. You have no idea how hard it was to get her to hold that pose and I'm cheating with a cleverly hidden support off to the side. ^_~

Rosslyn was the artist behind both faceups and I couldn't be happier with them. They just seem more...them now.


Shadrach Anki said…
Your girls are both gorgeous. *hugs* You'll have to be sure to take pictures of the chaise lounge once you finish it!

How much modification did you need to do on the doll dress to have it fit Khorae?
adarhysenthe said…
Oh, we're taking pics of the lounge, worry not. And thank you. ^_^

On Khorae's dress...I had to seriously take in the side seams and back gores, but the velvet was old, so part of the seam in the front where the black panel and rose velvet meet came apart, so creative stitching, hot glue and a snipped piece from under one of the folds of the skirt was used to back it in case it reopened. I still should take it in more, it's loose around the shoulders and neck. And it needs a crinoline.

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