Wow, the hits just keep on coming! I will roll with them, I swear! Last night I discovered I wouldn't be starting work for yet another week. At least. So, after an email asking for compensation or someone else to fill in on the training (my trainer has to work off-site), and then getting both options shot down this morning, I woke up a bit before seven am with diarrhea, which quickly evolved into going at both ends for the better part of the day. I had all of three crackers to eat until just now.

It went around my friends' place a week ago, so I'm not surprised it happened and I guess it's just as well I didn't start work today, as I would've ended up sick by the side of the road before I'd gotten very far. So, lying around all day has further messed up my sleep schedule, but I feel better now. I am drinking some pedialyte stuff and nibbling crackers with my tension headache meds. My neck is all kinds of messed up now. Maybe I'll get real adventurous and go for soup next.


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