Well, the last week has been amazing. I mean, I had it completely off! This coming week, too! It's giving me time to get over being sick and rest from in between my jobs. Mentally, it's been wonderful and will continue to be so. Monetarily? Not so much, but I think I can scrape by. I'm going to visit my aunt on Thursday (technically she's my greataunt, but meh) and she's going to help me and Rosslyn learn to sew on a machine for our dolls. She's crocheted gowns for her dolls, so she's totally willing to do this. Mwahahahahaha, I didn't even know she liked dolls that much until this past Christmas.

So I start my new job officially on Monday. Whatever issue they had seems to have been worked out. Unfortunately, these days off have been getting my sleep schedule all kinds of messed up, so I'm gonna try and get to bed at a decent hour (midnight) and wake up before 11 the next day. I has goals, yes.

It's been storming since midnight last night, though now it's just overcast and cold. I wonder if it'll rain again. I like the rain and we've been needing it pretty bad. Droughts suck.


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