It's the time of year for making new goals and resolutions, but I've been laid up with a cold, so I'm holding off on doing the truly in depth goal making until I can think straight and have time to sit down and do it. However, one of my obvious goals--getting a new job--I've already accomplished!! I just got the call this morning and they want me to start next week! I've been really counting on this job, as it has a wage increase, hour increase, no customers and no money handling, and--and this is the good part--it has full benefits even if I'm part time. Despite my being sick, I'm trying hard not to dance around (mostly because I'd get dizzy and fall). So much for sleeping in; I'm wide awake now.

I still need to quit my current job and I feel a bit bad giving him only one week notice and have to change next week's schedule around, but I need these benefits and I need them now. Hopefully they'll kick in before my cramps begin again, so I can get a proper doctor and get it all checked out. I'm so excited it isn't even funny! This is the first truly good news I've had in almost a month. I mean, last month, I got those cramps that put me in the hospital day after Thanksgiving, my car battery died, my wireless card died, my car had a flat, my cell phone got stolen, and then those cramps returned Christmas Eve. Guys in the ward helped me fix my car both times and refused to accept payment (though they did take the hot chocolate), my mom helped me get a new simcard for my old phone and get all of that taken care of so I didn't even need to change my number, Rosslyn got me a new wireless card (though my computer might have been the problem, not the card, so perhaps we can just resell that), and I spent Christmas on Vicodin to handle the cramps.

At least I got a train ride or two out of those cramps and my car troubles. I love riding on the train. Buses are scary and have crazy people, but trains now, those are awesome. Everyone's polite, clean, and generally quiet, so I can read, crochet, listen to music quietly, anything really. I can even have polite conversation with a person and neither of us would feel too uncomfortable. Plus, the conductors are friendly, which is a rare commodity in the transportation business. If I had to work in that industry, it'd totally be on a train.

So that is one of two phone calls I've been eagerly awaiting (the other is to say my Zoro is done and to pick him up). My friends and I met some really sweet boys from South Africa on Sunday at church, so I invited them to go out to dinner with us last night while they're still in town, but my cold led me to bail out and they weren't able to come either. It's sad, but I friended one of them on Facebook, so we should be able to keep in touch a bit. I mean, they were only in town a couple days and they're on vacation. I can't expect them to completely derail their plans for my benefit, when I'm too sick to actually show up anyway. I think it worked out for the best. I didn't get them sick! I mean, I only talked with one of them for any reasonable amount of time and he offered Rosslyn his chair when we were eating and going to sit on the floor at the house (prompting one of the guys in our ward to offer me his seat) and he stood up when I was saying goodbye to do so properly (man he was tall, and I know tall, my friend Red is 6'7" and this guy was only a bit shorter). How many men do that nowadays?


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