I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm not very self-motivated. That worries me. I don't like to do anything alone and I usually need to be prodded to do anything that doesn't yield rewards right now, such as posting something online, when it'll be weeks before anyone says anything or wants to buy it (speaking about ebay). Receiving advice I cannot immediately act on: "oh you should call such and such group, they'll help" after hours. Thanks. By the time I can call, I forget.

I've never been in shape. I've been in better shape, but I've never been thin, I've never been on a major sports team (by major I mean soccer, baseball, water polo, etc.), and I've never been in shape--ever. I do like to mountain bike and I do like to swim. I've worked out at a gym and I don't mind that either. But I don't like doing anything by myself! For one thing, with mountain biking and swimming in the ocean, there's a safety issue. And I like to talk and plan things while I do that kind of work. Also, gym memberships cost money, as does the gas to go to the beach and the repairs needed to make on my bike.

Recently, a bunch of friends and I went out and went along some trails. I discovered that while I was in terrible shape from my usual, I bounced back quickly, and my tire got it's flat there. Now, my father gave me a Christmas present and got my bike all fixed up. The flat tire is fixed, the gears are cleaned up and oiled, the wobbly handlebars were tightened and the shocks cleaned. A new flat kit was added and a new rack installed so I could carry things properly again. So I am going to start riding around again. So! There's this lovely hill near my house that's almost more of a mountain, with a bike lane and trails following the road. I'm going to make it my goal this year to ride all the way up it, and all the way down the other side, and back again by the end of the year. If I can do that, I'll be in shape. That hill is a beast.

That's my physical resolution for the year.


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