I haven't really had much to say lately. I've been treating these last two weeks between jobs as a vacation, getting my mind in order (and my house) so that I wouldn't be a wreck with this new job and I'd be ready to learn the new things. While I'd been hoping to just jump right in, perhaps it really was better for my mental health not to.

The cramps came back again a few days ago, right on schedule, but they were much easier to weather. I only took one Vicodin and had a blessing from my guy friends, and I think it was mostly from sitting in a hard wood chair for game on the first day of having the painful things that really set me off. The next morning, nothing. Oh a little sore perhaps, but no cramps, no pain. One good night's sleep and poof. Gone. I'm beginning to think they are stress related. I mean, really. Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, both of which were days I was working/supposed to work? But the day before I'd been bouncing on cloud nine! I was literally so happy! So they were less painful, less lengthy...Yeah, I really do think it was stress.

So yes, I've been truly happy. It's fun spending time with Rosslyn and getting to do things whenever I want. My room was overhauled, my crafts put in their proper places and some are even closer to being done! I've been reading my scriptures and had a great Stake Conference with a live broadcast from the General Authorities. I wish I could say we've been hiking and exercising like we planned to, but the weather seemed to have other ideas. Since Sunday night, we've been hit by these awful thunderstorms, rain, hail, lightning, all that jazz. We went and saw Avatar 2D yesterday just to get out of the house and got pelted all the way home for our temerity. Seriously, I'm going stir crazy. We're getting out tomorrow no matter the weather. No idea what we're gonna do, but hey, something's better than nothing.

My sleep schedule is all kinds of messed up, but I'm going to try waking up at a decent hour and going to bed before 4 the next few days, as on Monday I have to be at work at 8:30am. It's almost an hour drive and I need to be wearing makeup. Looks like I need to start showering at night again. Hopefully our neighbor's dog won't bark until 3am again. This puppy got bought by cat people and is untrained and left alone all day, this time all night, and it barks every 2-3 seconds until someone comes home. We left a note last night telling them to take care of him and not leave him alone or we're calling animal control. This isn't the first time and it's cruel to the poor thing, leaving him alone like that without properly training him or turning out the lights so he can sleep--in the middle of a hailstorm!

So, I'm looking forward to beginning my new job on Monday. I still need to pick up my last paycheck from my old job, but I kinda wanna wait until I have my first paycheck from the new one, so I can buy everyone little thank you gifts. My boss and coworkers have been good to me and I wanna thank them properly for it. They put up with me for a long time. I didn't exactly want to be there anymore, but I did try to not go crazy while I was there, and they were gracious (or enabling ^_~) of my odd moods and ideas.

On an unrelated, but related, note, I've finally begun to feel creative again! I've been so unhappy and out of sorts the last year and a half, I stopped drawing and stopped creating new characters and worlds of my own. The other night, it was like whoa...I was in a dream-state. I grabbed my sketchbook and began to draw, and I'm thinking creatively again. I'd do better if Rosslyn didn't keep getting excited about it and badgering me to play in it. It shuts me down. I don't have the info right now to do much with what I'm getting, just images. Mayhap I'll end up with something almost tangible soon, but for now, just lettin' it flow... ^_^


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