Getting organized is time consuming, but I always seem to be very satisfied when I finish. My computer is currently getting wiped and reformatted, so I'm remaining on the borrowed laptop from Rosslyn for now, until my Zoro is ready (yes, I named my computer). It'll be like getting a whole new computer! Nothing beyond the OS already installed, so I get to finally put in my copy of CS2, and a couple of my games, but otherwise, brand spanking new!

I'm excited!

Rosslyn and I were on an absolute flurry of errand running today. We went to compare prices on Zoro first, got shelving units for our crafts and garage, bought cool calendars, then hit Fry's to take care of Zoro and get a few odds and ends there. We stopped for dinner and then went on a nice, gentle walk along the trails behind our development. Now I'm organizing my crafting supplies. They've been sitting in bags on the floor and it's starting to annoy me.


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