I'm suddenly much more relaxed. I had some wonderful lessons in church yesterday and heard a lot of things I think I really needed to hear. They were all about charity, giving and receiving. Charity....the pure love of Christ. I've been thinking about all these trials and tribulations in the wrong way. They may indeed be tests and trials, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to get something good for patiently enduring. They happened to teach me to learn to rely on others, especially at the expense of my pride. Charity was always seen as welfare in my family, which is the lowest of the low. You don't ever rely on anyone but yourself to take care of you.

I needed to learn to accept help, and take it for the gift it is without refusing it to save face and struggling on anyway. I also needed to learn to handle problems gracefully, without fuss and fix it calmly. So many things get blown out of proportion and "ruin the whole thing" when really, they don't. It's one bad spot in an otherwise gorgeous day. My family are experts at that particular form of drama, loud and negative and making a big deal out of something that really isn't, and often isn't even a problem at all.

Learning to chill out, to give, to be less selfish and prideful. I think the whole world could benefit from that.


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