I shouldn't have worried so much. Rosslyn assisted me in getting me home. Our friend Red took me to the train station and made sure I was alright. My parents picked me up at the station and I slept at a family friends', because that's where Christmas breakfast was going to be and they were allergen free (in comparison). I have my old phone, so tomorrow I'm picking up my paycheck early, getting a new simcard for the phone and handling all that, my home teacher who was fixing my tire has finished it, so tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon he's going to put it back on for me. I'm so grateful to him for all the effort he's gone through to do that for me.

Presents were minimal, again, this year, but I don't need much and I obviously wasn't able to give much. Rosslyn gave me a new wireless card, so tonight when I get home I'm cleaning my room and getting the internet back on my own computer.

Surrounded by friends and family, I'm content and happy, despite the soreness from the cramps. I should be able to work tomorrow, but I'm half expecting to be fired. I almost don't care. If the new job goes through, I should be fine in a week or so. I think I discovered what's wrong with me. These cramps are followed or preceded by my period. If this is going to happen every month, I need a permanent physician stat. New job has benefits. Oh please, please let all this bad be something (or Someone) preparing me for something good. I sincerely hope something will make this all worth it.

I'm in relatively good humor despite it all, since I have the good fortune/ability to not worry about things I cannot do anything about. Once I've done what I can, I stop worrying. I should list for tomorrow so I don't forget: wake up early, get paycheck, go to AT&T store, call CMS to handle hospital bills, work, and get tire on car.


I'll live though. I will not give in and cry and whine (unless I'm babbling on Vicodin, but that doesn't count). I will do everything in my power to take care of myself so that I can assist others.

Merry Christmas! Please, love those in your life and especially remember the child who made our lives possible and worthwhile. Remember our Saviour always.


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