Projects In Situ

So I haven't had any crafts to show because nothing is finished. I have four knitting projects on the needles (edit: three now, finished one enough that it's off the needles but needs some sewing and then blocking before fully complete). It's kind of driving me insane to have so many partially completed projects--I am not a process knitter, so not getting my finished project fix is maddening, and there's still the dreaded startitis I must face.

I have a baby vest for my brother-and-sister-in-law's first child, and have yarn for several more new projects for this new arrival. However, I need to sew a cover on the interior to hide the loose strands of the colorwork that I didn't 'catch' as well as I had hoped I would, and then it will be blocking time.

I have a pair of colorwork socks half-completed, meaning I finished one of them and haven't begun the second, but I don't count this as the dreaded 'second sock syndrome.' I put it down because the vest had a tighter time schedule and the socks were for fun.

The third project on the needles is suffering from second sock syndrome without being a pair of socks at all. It's a double knit scarf that I was knitting for Douglas and still haven't finished because I'm so freaking bored with it, but I love Douglas enough to try and slog through it. I started the socks to escape this one, actually, but after the vest I'm trying to be good and finish it, so I've done some rows on it tonight and set it up on my desk as the project to be worked on.

The fourth and final project is a scrap blanket and it's the only one that I'm not worried about in any fashion whatsoever, since it's nature is specifically to be worked on until I'm done or run out of yarn scraps (yeah right, I think I have enough for two blankets at this rate).

On top of all this, I have about twenty-four projects waiting for me to begin them. More baby clothes, some face cloths, a few doll items, more socks for myself, a couple shawls, a couple hats for my sister, and another double knit scarf with a much more interesting pattern on it for El. And this is not counting anything I make for the shop Rosslyn and I are working on, or if I want to shift mediums for a little while, or spin yarn, or work on my spinning wheel. It's just crazy how many things I can do. My yarn bin for yarn that has projects assigned to it is overflowing and my regular stash is pretty sedate. It's a bit of a weird flip flop from my usual. I almost... over-organized things and now I'm feeling the pressure to perform or knit, which is completely unnecessary.

Also, I cleaned my craft room up some more, more papers being filed, taxes done, and working on a few bills to pay. I put some more items on the walls and moved some stuff out to be donated or trashed. My to-do list is massive. Spring has that effect. I gotta hang in there!


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