I Have a Job!

So, I have suddenly found myself employed! It's a simple job, not much money or even hours, but my coworker and boss are wonderful and I get to learn things about how a small business works! I am working at Greenwood Fiberworks sorting fiber, roving, and all sorts of other things. By the time this is posted I'll be on day four there! I am already really enjoying my time there with such lovely ladies as Carolyn and Kit. 

Getting this job was sort of sudden--I saw their booth at the Great Basin Fiber Fair and asked Carolyn if she needed another helper, even if it was just temporarily. She asked me to email her that night and she'll see if she could use me, so I did and at least for a little while, she can! Kit is one of my regular friends at my weekly knit night, so I've known her for years (she's darling), and now I find myself hanging out with her every weekday morning for the next two weeks! How cool is that?!

In other news: Rosslyn and I have officially begun putting our doll company together. I have applied for the state business registration, gotten a business email, gotten our etsy store mostly ready, we have signed a partnership contract, and I have mostly completed our business plan. Rosslyn is already working on stock for the shop (as am I), and once I have the state registration we can go and get our city business license and our business bank account.

So much has happened in the last few weeks! I will link our shop here when it is up and running.


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