Letter K: Knitting Party

This past Christmas, my knitting group held a party and I offered to host, so enjoy shots of our shenanigans!

We had a gift exchange and sat around knitting and, obviously, taking pictures of each other.

And one of us brought her baby, who liked the different "wrapping" of the gifts. The baby did take it's cylinder home.

Toooo cute!

Blurry shot.

Even my dolls (and Rosslyn's) got in on the Christmas action with ugly knit Christmas sweaters.

The gift I received was very silly and fun. Coloring books and candy, tins, and snarky tissues. I enjoyed it.

Ignore my bike (in winter, it needs to be inside). Here was our potluck foods with sparkling cider (nonalcoholic--almost none of us drink), and the pot in the back was full of hot cider I had made with cinnamon sticks and apple slices boiled in. Soo good.

So, now you know how we knitters get down. We're a giggly but comparatively sedate lot.


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