Currently Completed Knitting

Originally posted 4/1/12:

The previous posts have yet to reflect my entire repertoire of completed projects, but this will come close. These are the most current ones.

Rosslyn needed a scarf to match more of her clothing as protection from the weather. She decided she liked the following yarn:

Lion Brand Amazing in colorway 210 (I wish they would just name them). She wanted the Twill pattern I used in my father's and brother's respective cowls, which can be found as a sample pattern in the back of the Knitter's Handbook.

So, I got to knitting...

Here is the final product and a detail of the pattern. The broach is Rosslyn's and this scarf looks quite amazing with many of her coats and blouses.

This next project is actually for me. This is the last of the handspun from that SCA vendor.

I named it the Clementine Handspun in Irish Rose (the vendor named the colorway--I had the small paper still attached to this one, and the sheep was named Clementine). It is amazingly soft, though it dyed my hands bluish purple when I worked with it.

I made myself a cowl, though in retrospect it's almost too large for me. I might frog it and make it taller and narrower.

I tried my hand at inventing a pattern for my dolls next.

You may recognize this yarn from the sparkly armwarmers I made Rosslyn when I was crocheting years ago. I have no idea what it is (after searching quite a bit), but it is a fingering weight. I used it to make a doll beret.

The hat in progress with only the ribbing done.

And the final result. My sizing was a tad off for my BJD, but a smaller doll looks great in it.

That's all from me for now. I have two projects on the needles and one project on its way to the recipient, so I won't reveal them until they are complete or received.


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