Family Update

I wrote the following in an email update for my family and found it to be a nice, overall look at what my life has been like lately, so enjoy!

My husband seems to be doing well at work. Some frustrations, but that seems to be the norm when software designing. Since I've been not working, I've been getting a lot of home organization done and getting all of my schoolwork completed with less screaming and whining. I've also been crafting more and starting on our Christmas presents. Our home has been freed of the grievous attack of a mouse, so we are no longer suffering its bagel stealing tyranny. My husband was most angry when it attacked our food, so war was declared and after five days, victory was won.

He showed me how to take down a dead tree (or at least a large branch) safely at the parents' place. He also spent several Saturdays chopping wood with an ax in our backyard. I tried to sing "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK" at him, but he ran back outside. I maintain he needs a flannel shirt and suspenders. He did manage to injure himself chopping wood. He had a bruised middle finger above the first joint for over a week from pounding a rock down while working on the logs. It was purple and swollen for days. It looked a bit like he had a purple grape on the end of his finger.

I've been occupying myself with handcrafts (I spin yarn by hand, knit, and sew--check out my doll and knitting blogs, they are now being updated weekly) and preparing to open my own business with Rosslyn next year. I've been studying some marketing techniques, tax law, and working on my classes, as my major will directly apply to this endeavor. My health has drastically improved with not working and going on a deep cleaning binge the first week and a half of release from the fetters of utter, soul-sucking boredom. I've also begun eating less and doing more active things, so our whole household is overall healthier and happier.

We have gone to a few shows, too! We saw the Grassroots Shakespeare Company perform Henry IV Part 2 and the Off-Broadway Theatre up in Salt Lake doing a British satire called Charlie's Aunt. Also, we went to several shows of the Off-Broadway Theatre doing their live improv show Laughing Stock. They are hilarious and a bit cleaner than Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which I like.

We've had friends over often and enjoyed their company and hi-jinks. I've also babysat a few times for one of my friends. Cute little kids. Considering my new calling as Primary Chorister, getting to know how to deal with kids (I've been long out of practice--hadn't even changed a diaper in years) has been good for me. Having space seems to be helpful. Space and Netflix, with its glories of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yyyyyeah. (My husband said I had to write the "yeah" that way.)

That is about it for us!


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