Catching Up and the Attack of the Deadly Ceiling Fan

The last month or so has been pretty boring right up until...this past week. So, I didn't get the promotion at my job, but, after the initial disappointment wore off, I'm happy with the new appointee. I am doing well in school and just finished another psychology course (I did a higher level one three months ago). My husband and I both got sick this week, though he got it after I did and recovered sooner. I blame his Flash-like metabolism. It was a weird form of cold, too. We had sheer exhaustion doing simple things, like moving to another room or showering, trouble breathing, sore throats, and lower chest congestion. I'm hoping I'll be okay to work tomorrow, but my cold isn't being shaken so quickly this time.

And then it was Thursday morning, 4:30 am. A strange popping sound was heard. I wake to that and hear my husband give a sharp gasp. He leaps from the bed and across the room to the light switch.
"The ceiling fan was shooting sparks five feet out!!" he cried.
"Did they stop now?" I mumbled.
"Yes," he panted, "I hit the switch and it stopped."
"Okay," I said and fell right back asleep. He clearly had handled the problem and I don't do mornings. My husband could not believe my inherent faith in him to handle the problem and said he gaped at me for about five minutes as I slept. He tells me it took him at least a half hour to lower his heart rate down and recover from the adrenaline boost. Poor sweet hubby. So, we obviously had to have the ceiling fan replaced. It seems the motor shorted out and displayed its flying spark trick for the handyman later that afternoon. The new one is much quieter and more efficient. We also have the added bonus of our bedroom not on fire! 

Saturday was fun for us. We had a birthday party for a friend's 4 year old daughter. I will never underestimate the value of a big, sturdy ball again. After that, I had a hobbyist meet with some friends, so the hubby went home and napped while I did that. We also bought a primary children's song book for me. I have a new calling (another one!) as Primary Chorister. That about brings us up to speed. Hope all of you are doing well and none of you are waking up in fear of your lives from deadly ceiling fans!


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