TV Shows I Enjoy

I have rather eclectic tastes in the TV shows I like to watch, so please enjoy my going on about them. I'm only putting up shows that are currently airing or otherwise not cancelled or ended. Favorite TV shows of all time is a post for another day.

The first and most obvious is The Big Bang Theory.

Since I am a geek and a bit of a nerd, this should be no surprise, though I only started watching it this last season (5). Now I own a Bazinga! shirt.

The next show I like is Dr. Who! One of the best, oh yes. I've seen mostly the 2005 and forward update, but I'm not familiar with the current Doctor (Matt Smith). I have a favorite doctor, though. David Tennant, oh yeah!

BBC's Sherlock. Oh how I adore it! So much fun! It is the best take on Sherlock I have ever seen.

I also adore Castle. I love Nathan Fillion, and I love the character interaction in the show, and how it moves and changes with each episode and crime.

Now, most of the next shows are in the paranormal vein. I know, weird, huh? I do believe in ghosts, but I believe there are things one ought not to meddle in. However, it is an oddly fascinating thing to watch (I don't do horror movies, so don't even ask).

The Dead Files is a new one to me; I've only watched it starting in the last month or so, but I wrangled all the episodes I could out of youtube. This one can be creepy, but I think the psychic does a good job of getting mad at people who poke at the dead or mess around where they shouldn't be.

Another good one is Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. I like their debunking process and that they go into other things besides hauntings and UFOs.

For a fun romp, check out Destination Truth.  They find some very interesting thing on this show, and are always going somewhere fun.

And the last of my paranormal shows is The Haunted Collector. I find it very interesting and seeing things happening in my own backyard at times makes me appreciate my surroundings more.

Whether some of these shows are fake or not, I don't actually care. They give me ideas for stories to write, and in many cases, I feel my heart open out for everyday people stuck in extraordinary situations and just trying to get out of them, or past them.


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