A brief update as I go through the many events that have piled up on me...

A couple weeks ago, I went to Laughlin on vacation with my mother, sister, and good family friend, Betsy and her sister. Betsy is our surrogate mother, as my sister and I like to joke. We had fun at the casinos; my sister and I didn't gamble, but we did talk and spend time together. We got massages and attempted to get pedicures, but Laughlin has a surprising dearth of pedicure places. Manicures everywhere, but not pedicures.

I tried out my brand new swimsuit, though! It was very cute. It's in Tide Blue. I love their products.

The trip was short, and I got the most vocal workout on the drives singing along to my Broadway and Musical soundtracks. There were black-eyes susans everywhere down the freeway, so that was cool.


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