I've certainly been busy since my last post. I now work for a pizza restaurant, in a position I think I'll do very well at. I interviewed with a department store, but they were hiring on-call, which would be perfect, but they'd only really need me the afternoons/nights the pizza place would want me most. And the pizza place was actually guaranteeing me hours. So, yeah, no brainer there. I'm hoping for a second job, though, so I can save some extra and cover myself so I can begin schooling.

I went and started a blog just for my BJD hobby. It can be found here: Adara's Dollies. I won't be deleting the posts the dolls have featured in on this blog, but I might double post or include some of the same pictures from here over there. I'll try to keep up more on things here and mention if I've posted over there, etc. I've been considering for a long time that I should separate my blog according to my interests. This one will remain my personal blog, but I might move certain hobbies over to their own blogs and maybe make one for my politics. Maybe. Big fat Maybe. Depends on how much vitriol I think I can handle in my life.

My new roommates, of which I have five, are very cute and friendly, but I find I really want my own room again...and I miss my old roommate, too. Living with Rosslyn spoiled me. We spent most of the days this week together; me helping her move in to her room, running errands together, talking and catching up from the forever ago we'd last spoken (the day before). It's amazing that we've lived together for almost five years and still have new things to say to each other. I hope I can find a man I can share that sort of intellectual and emotional camaraderie with. It's a rare thing.

Today we attended a SciFi/Fantasy writing symposium and I learned a lot! My head still whirls with everything I learned, from healthier diets so my health doesn't drag me down to budgeting with freelance work, to how to write a good villain. It was so much fun! I saw Tracy Hickman of Dragonlance fame, David Farland of Runelords, and met Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary. Very funny guys. It made me want to become a writer just so I could sit on a panel and talk with them for an hour. Granted, I'd like to be a writer (of a sort) anyway. There's something so appealing about the idea of working for myself. I soaked up every word like a sponge. Perhaps someday I will do it. Who knows.

I also received a package in the mail! My new glasses had arrived! They are certainly different. They'll take some getting used to. They look very nice though. Hee.


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