It happens once in awhile. You go about your business and trials come your way. It is through those trials you are shown your true character and begin to learn who you truly are. I've finally settled things with the DMV, now I need to settle things with the CHP by the end of the month.

I'm doing what I can to handle that end, but it won't be easy. I have learned that the county Superior Court is far more friendly, helpful, understanding, and ten times more efficient than the DMV. They even make jokes about how terrible the DMV is, comparing it unfavorably with their system (which they claim is bad enough, but I saw nothing bad about it: the line was short and even the security was anything but rude). Conversely, the CHP offices (not officers) are not very helpful, but in their defense, I seem to have come in the middle of a time crisis, with every phone going off at once. I think I'll just go through the court from now on.

A family member and I had a long talk recently. So much about our growing up together made sense suddenly, and I had a hard time reconciling all the new information with what I had thought for so long. It hurt, not because I was condemned, but because of the pain and suffering that happened to a loved one and I knew nothing about it, and therefore did nothing to help. This information (no, I will not say who said it or what was said--entirely too personal), which, had I known about it before I made certain changes in my own life, could well have destroyed the very foundations I had my life built upon. But in the last three years, I'd been slowly moving my foundation, putting it on solid rock, so that in tempests, my life would not be knocked over. This was tested.

While it hurt, I managed to remain calm about it. I had placed my foundation and centered my life upon my Heavenly Father and my older brother and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I had the gospel as a safety net, and when I fell, it caught me. A crack appeared in what I had thought was my ground, but the floor did not fall out from under me the way I had expected it to, as I was being told all of this. I felt a bit shaken, but mostly, I felt a godly sorrow for the pain one human being can bring to another out of selfishness and cruelty. I wanted to act, not crumple up in a ball and cry uselessly. I do not know if there is anything I can do now, other than be what I can be to my family member and show that person love. But I will do all I can. Love can fix anything, if it comes from God. I truly do know that, now more than ever. And I am grateful.


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