I decided to have some fun before giving a proper, more serious update. So here is my doll Briar giving a tour of my room! I'm talking in black and she's talking in purple.
Hello. Can you sees me?! I's down here! This is the room! The Lady finally cleanded up in here, so I gets to show you round! Yes, those are warhammers by the bed. The Lady has strange collections. She has two real ones and one boff--boffer?--one. This is the only time we see them.
Here is da other side of da room. Hello, can you see me? I'm on the candee bins! The Lady worked at a candy store and her coworkers gives them to her as presents when she quitted. Ok, over here we has the desk and then the computer thingy with the scanner and printer--oh this is funny! 
The Lady was livin' with her parents awhile back and needed someplace for the computer tower to sit when she came home from school, so her daddy went out and nailgunned a piece of wood to a crate--they didn't have any stools she could borrow--and she covers it with fabric from her stash so it matches. LOL, she calls it a kludge and likes it! I dunno what she means by "kludge".

It means my dad was clever with what he had and said "there I fixed it."

Ok, I still don't get it...anyways! And here on the desk we have the monitor and the drawing tablet mousey and pen.
Here is the corner with the bookcase and the war table and the DVDs. This is the war table--it was a Christmas present from her uncle, it can fold down flat and pack easily for her medieval re-reenac--she plays dressup like she's a real Lady and her family wears armor and bashes people. The war table usually full of projects for sewin' and makin' stuffs, but we've only gots a couple left right now. That's ok, it'll be full next week! The Lady always comes up with something to make.
Moving up, we're in the bookcase now. Up top is the Lady's fairy collection. She puts them in front of the painting of The School of Athens so it looks like they're attending, too! The Lady reads lots of things...we got religious books and scifi and fantasy and music and art here--and she puts her trinkets on the shelves too. She really likes the tin rose in front of the Belgariad and Malloreon series for some reason.
I'll read the books to you later, Briar. You'll get it then.

Here's the top of the DVD case. We have the rock collection, with a big chunk of rose quartz the Lady won't let me have and a amethyst geod I can't have either--and lotsa shells and fossils and petrified wood.
My grandpa was a geologist and gave me some nice pieces--and some of the collection is just plain beach rocks.
And then I'm standing on the coloring books and wordsearches. Lady calls them mindless fun.

Next we have the dresser and this is the vile machine that wakes up the Lady. I dunno why she has it. She keeps threatening to break it. Oh, and that's the beat up cell phone charging. She threatens that, too.
Hee, she borrowed this book--LOL! She borrowed the Borrowers! And those are her dice bags for roleplaying, and she keeps cool papers in the fairy box and stuff to sell for dolly meets in the knotted box.
You mean knotwork box?

We hops over again to the headboard! We have a lamp, scriptures that the Lady reads every night, and the big walls of earrings, and some frames with nice things to read in them. Under me, we have the journals, and in sideboard we have photos and cameras and in the other we have medicines.
I like the earring walls. She has two pair loose, one for work (the buttons!) and another for when she goes to the temple! She switches things up a lot though, so work earrings change.
Time for the bed! SLIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!
The Lady likes color, so she has Psycho bedsheets!
I think you mean "Psychedelic".
Isn't that the same thingy?

These are my friends, the Tribbles! They're from Star Trekkies!
It's "Star Trek".

Whatevers. I like to hide and pretend I'm a baby Tribbles. Coo Coo!
Moving on, I gets to sit in the yarn basket! The Lady crochets a bit, so she has a little stash--she says she's being good and not buying anymore until she finishes her big crochet blanket. I think she lies.
Aaaand on the dresser top, we have a box with white wool roving and two spindles. The Lady hand spins yarn sometimes. I get dizzy watching.

And this is what the yarn basket sits on. It's the crafting supply drawers! We have fabric and beadses and thread and feathers and flowers and hats and ribbon and stuff for embroidery and more!
Looking back up behind the wool roving and spindles on the dresser, we have the rest of the Lady's jewelry (that she wears lots), a pair of mean gloves she likes to pretend she'll hit someone wearing, a fan from Spain hiding in a bag to keep it protected, a marble vase hiding from the camera and lotsa tiny trinkets.
And finally we reach the closet! We only looking at the dolly space though--the Lady thinks her Holiday Barbie collection, ebay pile, and clothes are boring. Rrrrgh! Open!
Ta Da! Dolly space!
Don't mind them. Khorae and Donovan always doing kissy stuff. Donovan belongs to Rosslyn, but he's marrieded to Khorae, who the Lady owns. He's big so we keep him here where there's more space. I gets to be shammeronie!
Chaperone, dear. Chaperone.

Funny word. What's it mean?
Oh dear.
Anyways, we dollies share the shelves back here, but everything on top is mine! I have a pet pig and a pet kitty, and a mousie friend, and a pink Squee bunny, and pirate ducky, and a glow-in-the-dark fairy, and-and-and a gold swing chair!

I was gonna show you their stuff, but I think we need to leave them alone some more. No shammeroning for me today!
It's "chaperoning"!

Ok, anyways, we puts them to sleep now, and I'm tired.
Good night!


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