Being sick is never fun. Especially when you got the day off over a month ago to go be with your family on your parents' 25th Anniversary. So instead of visiting, I get to lie in bed feeling gross and stuffed up, with a cotton head and a fever.

I have been playing with my dolls a bit more though, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my Puki (PukiPuki Mary, to be specific). She's in a new dress and wig now, though the "right" wig for her is still yet to be found. Her name is Briar and the name fits her personality. I hope you like her; she's very cute. She has a bit of a Wednesday Addams complex at times, but the new dress seems to have calmed her. I can only hope that a proper wig will do the same.

Khorae, my Iplehouse Silvia BJD, is one I don't have many pictures of, and those that I do have the wrong eyes and things. She's a manifestation of a character I've had in my head for a very long time; perhaps 5 or 6 years now. Enough that she's become my signature character to many people. She's great for me to test out new games and systems, because I know her so well I can just work on testing out the game and not worry my roleplaying suffers for it.

Here she's pictured with Rosslyn's Iplehouse Akando, Donovan, her husband. This is one of the few pics I have of her head on, so it'll do for now. She's overdo for another photoshoot, now that she has bright green eyes instead of the really dark green ones she has in the picture. She still doesn't have another dress yet. Hrm. I've got patterns and fabric. It's...just deciding which one to make first.

I started one; it's the one Briar is helping me with up above. I finished the more part of the lining and realized parts of the pattern were unnecessary for a doll and the fabric I'd previously chosen for the visible part bunched and stretched funny. And...I discovered that while I can handsew...I really hate doing it. So I will be cracking out Rosslyn's sewing machine for any other pieces I choose to do for anyone bigger than Briar. Briar is roughly the size of Khorae's arm from the elbow down to the knuckles, for a size comparison, and Khorae is 65 cm tall...about an inch shy of 2 feet tall (including her hair), to give you an idea of the size of these ball jointed dolls.

They do give my creative things to do, so I don't complain much. I mean, I've learned a little more painting skills, handsewing, some pattern drafting, jewelry making...even a bit of millinery. More hats. I need to make more hats. That'd use up some supplies.


Redoubt said…
I didn't know you were doing dolls too! I could tell that was Khorae right when I saw the photo. Though I must say Donovan is really hot.
adarhysenthe said…
Yeah, I was gifted these two lovely dolls, so I am doing the dolls, too. ^_^ Khorae has the right wig and eyes now, so once I settle down for good photos, I'll post them. I agree. Don's really hot. Would that I could find such a one myself.

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